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Default Re: engraving equipment

I've used the "other" stuff so: There have been other "posts" that mentioned the "ease" of using Steve's equipment. This is his site however, but you still get an honest opinion. My personal suggestion is Steve's - and get the 3 pistons. You then can engrave from foil to cast iron (so to speak). If you have access to a compressor - then please rent Steve's first. Just put it in your hand, feel how it fits, put the tip down, and give it a gentle push. A harder push gives it a heavier cut. Nothing is better than trying it. If you need to actually buy a compressor and don't care about the noise - go to SEARS and get a small unit for $100 - $120, it will run for an hour before it will turn on and fill the tank (always hit the OFF switch when its full, and you are done for the day - or it will start at 2AM! to refill!!!). If you must have a silent system - then get the BIG co2 tank assy and buy 2 tanks - or bite a bigger bullet and get the Med size SILENTAIRE (with tank). You can use the extra capacity to blow off the work area (at LOW psi!!) - and there is no compressor "pulse").
There is nothing wrong with the GRS Engravers - the difference in cost is minor - but the difference in hold in your hand feel and the actual cutting is major.
Yup - I'm a fan - it cost a bundle - and I don't regret it 1 second. (now, if he'd just sell a package of skill..........)
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