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Default Re: engraving equipment

If cost is not a consideration do both controls. Switching between the two is not a big issue and there are advantages to both.

Having used the best others have to offer I believe it's safe to say there isnt any competition. But then there never really was. Airgravers were not designed to compete with the other manufacturers equipment but to take engraving to a higher level than was/is achievable by other tooling systems.

GRS makes good equipment no one can dispute that. As a beginner you will eventually end up buying pieces and parts from them as they have the lions share of the market in accessories which are quite necessary to the trade. But for simplicity of learning and turning out the highest quality work in the shortest time acquiring tools which allow you to spend time engraving rather than tinkering is paramount.

There will be a learning curve in many areas as you no doubt know by reading the posts on this forum. Engraving is not hard once you put all the pieces together and the Lindsay family has a penchant for taking care of it's own. We do an extrordinary amount of work teaching GRS Ngraver and owners of other tools how to get satisfactory results from their equipment and improve their engraving skills. Unless you decide to opt for formal instruction to shortcut the time frame involved all the tricks of the trade are offered free of charge on the website or through the forum and it's members by whatever extent is possible on line. No one else offers as much.

Some will say a tool is a tool and of course there will be strong opinions on either side of the line. I just happen to love my Classic because it allows me to engrave carve and create as fast or faster than I can think. One hand piece does it all. flawlessly.

More questions just ask.
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