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Default Extra Negativ which makes it Positive

Extra negative is the one that I got help from Steve to develop, which I use
to engrave text inside the rings
So now I can finally use Carbide to do this.
Also found another use for it, as I show in the video I have done.
please bear with my Swenglish :-)

Here I show how to grind with the extra Negative Temple

Start by marking the graver at 5/8 or 16mm

I start to grind the sides

At the mark you made, remember that stone height should be 3/4"

Grind equally on both sides so you can achieve (about) 0.005 "or 1,27mm

Then proceed to do the negative relief, point.

Take a little on each side at a time

Until you achieve this result

Turn it over and continue, being careful not to break the graver by pressing the wrong place

Grind until you achieve a thickness of 0.047"or 1.2mm

Then switch to the bigg temple, and start to grind the face

And end with making the heels of the length that suits you best.
I usually do my 0.006"or 0.15mm long

Finally, round off the little behind where you grind so it will not be sharp for the fingers

Bottom view
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