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Default Re: Questions about Artisan or Classic

+1 Classic. I try to cut in about everything i come across, and am not shy about changing the stroke from way light on softer metals like aluminum 18k royal yellow, fine silver, to near wide open on harder metals.
100% glad I spent the extra to have versatility. Its kind of one of those things where Id rather have it and not need it all the time, instead of need it and wish I did have it.
I use other GRS tools every day in my work and love their products, just the Lindsay to me is superior when it comes to powered engraving. I've used 3 different GRS engraving systems and would not trade my classic.. Ever.

I use a little cheap Compressor from a woodworking store, brand is Rolair. think is was like $220. It is a silent operating system so its like 60 decibels. Thats just over an average conversation noise level.

Hope this 2cents helps.
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