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Default Re: Questions about Artisan or Classic

Originally I ran my Classic just off of CO2, later I added the 'regular' regulator so I can run off of my compressor. I have a 20lb CO2 tank that I get refilled as needed (actually they swap you a new, full tank around here so you never have to worry about your tank getting out of certification). I have the simple little setup to fill the 20oz cylinders off of the 20lb tank.

These days I run primarily off of the compressor with CO2 for travel or if I want to work while the ever-indulgent wife is sleeping. My compressor's not terribly loud by my workspace is in the garage directly under our bed. Funny bit: I have a flexshaft hanging from the roof of the garage, screwed into a ceiling stud. It's really very quiet - on my end. As we learned early one Sunday morning, my ceiling stud is her floor joist and apparently it transfers quite a lot of sound to someone who's head is pretty much right above it. So no flexshaft work if she's sleeping.

If you want to be able to switch between a compressor and CO2 have Steve add quick connects to the air lines of your AirGraver (whichever one you get) so you can switch between regulators. They're nicer than just pulling the hose off of the barb of one and sticking it on the other.

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