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Default Re: Questions about Artisan or Classic

Thanks guys. In our temp location I have no shop just a corner in the house so noise is a consideration. Could I just fill up my portable tank (20 gallon) and get a few hours of cut time? I have a very loud compressor that I could fill the tank with when it would be OK to make some noise. I am considering the ultra quite compressors that Home Depot sells but thinking a tank is what I already have and it would also be portable.

I did consider the co2 set up but there is only one place that fills paint ball tanks around here and they only have one person that is able to do it so have to catch them at work or travel 35 mils one way to the city. I have considered a larger co2 tank (20lb)and could just get it filled with my torch tanks when needed. What would I need to run on both air compressor air as well as co2?
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