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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

I agree with Steve. I never crate a heel on any graver on the power hone - power hones are just too aggressive and cut too fast for me. Its really easy to overdo the heel on a power hone...and in my opinion that's what has created much of this long discussion about the Speitzer Template set.

I start making my heels on the 1200 grit bench bock (the kind that comes with the Template Set). Next, I polish the facets of the heel on a Ruby Stone ( or a hard Arkansas). The final step is to bring the heel to mirror bright on the cast iron block loaded with diamond paste. Throughout the process I continually check the my progress by examining the facets with a jewelers loupe to see that the each side is ground the same and the the point is centered properly.

The final step in finishing the process is to "Dub" the graver on the Ruby stone. Dubbing makes the point stronger and it also allows the chip to ride straight up the face of the graver - instead of curling up and obstructing my view of the whatever line I am cutting.
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