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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

The wider the V angle of the graver by nature the more clearance it will have. Same holds true with all the V points and templates. More clearance can be gained to any of them by decreasing the heel relief angle or raising the primary heel, or a combination of both. The narrower the V and deeper the cut the less of a radius can be cut without dragging.

I ground another Speitzer a few minutes ago to check again. It is working for me just as the default with little drag. Be sure you're not making the heel to large. Something else that can play into this particularity with this point is to use the diamond bench stones for final shaping with the small template. You can use a power hone if you'd like to rough grind the initial shaping but for final shaping with the small template use a diamond bench stone (600 or 1200 grit works good for final). Then switch to the large template to clean up the face with a 2000 diamond bench stone. Use the same 2000 stone for the heels but go at it carefully and slow. You want the heels to be even and just a hair wide. The reason for the diamond bench stones for final of both templates is so there are no variables getting the point to come out. If the hone is off a tad in one direction or another with the small template you may pull your hair out trying to grind it
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