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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

The angle of the heels (large templates) is the same on the Speiterzer as the Universal 116 degree template. The smaller template that grind the relief of the points are different though. The Universal is lower and therefore does give more relief that helps prevent heel drag. I had experimented when working on the Speiterzer set with a lower angle for the shaping (small template) and it works but it makes a lot more work for the initial grinding, plus the facets run up further on the shank. It is possible to grind this way though with the templates you have by raising the diamond bench stone up 1/8" to 3/32" when using the small template. (Should work to use a couple 3/32" gravers under the bench stone to raise it). Then set the bench stone back down to normal height when placing the heels on using either of the large templates.

Another option for additional relief, but makes a higher angle of attack, is to grind a higher heel angle on when using the large template as Piper mentioned earlier. Use the small template at normal height first to shape and taper the graver, and then when placing the heels on with the large template lower the diamond bench stone 1/4" (making total height difference between top of the lap and where the template is setting 3/4" rather than the normal 1/2"). Or yet another method to do the same is to stick the graver out less far than the normal 1-1/4" length when placing the heels on with the large template.

I have been preferring gravers ground at angle of attack of 17 degrees and this is partially why I stuck with this angle on the Speiterzer large templates. The nature of the grinding and shaping with the small template of the Spetizer becomes more tedious if is lowered much more than it is though and that is why it is not as low as the 116 universal. So if you'd like more clearance on the Speitzer and don't mind a higher angle of attack heel then you can lower the height of the bench stone when placing the small heels on with the large template or stick the graver out less far.
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