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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

Thank you Mr Roberts,
I know there is a school somewhere down there but could find no reference to it in the net. There is one too in Switzerland. I guess I could find a teacher if I could afford it. That's the main problem. I got sick a while ago and my employer didn't find it acceptable, if you know what I mean, so at over chances are slim to none something else to find. We will pull through, but a lot of cash to go to a school..just isn't available. So I will keep plugging along, keep bothering all of you with "beginner" questions that I should have gotten under control a long time ago...and do the best I can.

I still wait for some kind of response to the fact that this point mentioned above, cuts better by adding angle to the heels. What is wrong, or right with this picture? As for sure, the templates I have, don't produce much of a heel angle at all. Most nothing. Tempted to think the templates are the problem, but who am I to question the Gods on this?
I measured a big difference when comparing the universal and the spreitzer templates if you measure between the hole and the heel part of the templates. So the universal really is much more of a heel angle...even on the templates. The spreitzer template heel part is much closer to the hole and this causes the heel angle to be almost non-existent. Is this as should be?
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