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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

I have just played with this thing for another hour or so and it isn't cutting like it should, plain and simple. I know my heel theory isn't up to snuff, but I've made enough points by now to either know how, or something isn't right. Not had problems with any other types of templates. I don't have a fixture to grind points that you can set, but I took a diamond file and increased the angle of the heels to something like the universal has, (where you can actually look and see the angle difference), and it made better corners. Not clean like the universal, but better than before. So I then set it all back to the way the templates grind the point and it is back to gouged up corners.
Obviously this wasn't anything other than playing around, but it makes me wonder. But not about whether I can make a point or not.
So in the mean time...back to the universal for me! Got stuff to do. Let me know what you come up with... ;-)


Wanna hear something strange? As a last attempt to not give up, I took the diamond block off the nylon pad and put it on the table next to the nylon pad to try heels with more of an angle difference to what it was, and the stinker cuts corners. Opinions?
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