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Default Re: NEW Gold Inlay and Undercut, Template Set

Hi John,

I am of the opinion that "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"

If the knife graver works for you to undercut the channels then keep using it. I use the knife graver quite a bit for other purposes, it is a good point, but when you narrow it down for undercutting a channel it is just not strong enough for me.

In the past I used the knife graver point to undercut channels. I found that the knife graver point is very weak and, with my clumsy engraving, I would literally shatter the point very quickly. The small inlay graver that I am recommending here, which can be made with these templates, has the advantage that it is very much stronger than the knife point for underlying a channel. I can work for hours with this geometry and never break, or damage, the point. This is true for the carbon steel in the Colt and US Firearms revolvers, I am not sure if this is true on the Ruger stainless steel SAA's - that stuff is tough.

As a side note, the small undercut graver can be used, very effectively, to cut lettering channels for gold inlay. I use this point to refresh the stamped lettering on the barrel of the Colt and US Firearms Single Action Army Revolvers.

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