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Default Re: NEW Gold Inlay and Undercut, Template Set

Hi Les,

Thank-you for your PM .... I was concerned that my questions would be perceived as kinda hard ball.

Initially, I found the photos of the different gravers a tad confusing however I understand now that it is the same point but of different sizes. I still have a question or 2 about this setup ... both directly and indirectly related to "time".

How many gravers are you using in the process? I am counting 3.

1. A universal,
2. the new graver,
3. the Roland undercut tool.

Is the Roland undercutting tool necessary? More tools = more cuts = more time.

Is there a suggested amount of time to complete each inlay ... a benchmark for this method? If this technique is a time saver, times will be useful in comparing to other inlay techniques such as my own. I think the easiest benchmark to illustrate would be either of the gold bands on the cylinder.

Also ... which graver material are you using? Personally I prefer M42 for tools such as this as carbide is too brittle and HSS tends to literally bend.

Finally .... Have you used this tool on stainless steel? Smith & Wesson or Ruger stainless specifically. They should be adequate in determining how well the points hold up as traditional square gravers crumble quickly in that stuff.

Thanks again .... my questions are primarily geared for anyone who is re-evaluating their own techniques rather than for the newbie.

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