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Default Here is some more info

Hi everyone,

I have some more info and some words that I would like to pass on in regards to the use of the Gold Inlay Graver to inlay gold inlay channels of firearms:

1) The size of the width of the Gold Inlay Graver points that I used for the SAA firearms shown on: are (You can use this sizing as a starting point):

a) Width of the large graver: .023 inch, 26gauge (.016 inch) gold wire
b) Width of the smaller graver: .013 inch

2) Please, cut some wire channels on practice plates and install some copper wire there, or gold wire if you are a little richer, before you attempt to cut channels on a firearm. Get used to using these gravers before you are cutting for real. You can purchase some really nice "Dead Soft" copper wire from Rio Grande very inexpensively and it goes in close to gold wire.

3) In you practice, as described above, determine which size graver point you want to use with which diameter gold wire that you would like to install. Do this before you cut on a gun. These are words to the wise learned from my own personal experience.

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