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Default Re: NEW Gold Inlay and Undercut, Template Set

Thanks for all of the replies and interest in this graver geometry:

JJ Roberts:
Thanks. If you are interested in seeing some much higher resolution photos of my engraved guns please check here:
The gun that I posted is a USFA SAA replica and is displayed at the bottom of the page. I have a Colt at the top of the page.

You are exactly correct. I used to use a square graver to make the initial cut and then a flat graver to cut my channels. I also used various types of chisels to make the undercut. The problem is that the flat graver tore up the outside edge of the channel on a curve, and because I am not steady enough, the width of the channel was also not constant - I hate that. This graver will not tear up the outside edge of the channel, it will follow the initial cut perfectly.
I use the Baptist chisel to make the undercut uniform and to give me a little more undercut. Note that the small gold inlay graver removes metal and the Baptist chisel displaces metal. If all you do is to displace metal then you raise the edge of the channel, and then when you sand everything off there is an unsightly edge left on the final product.

I think that Steve has posted the graver template set now. I guess that we were not exactally in sync.

Thanks for the recommendation!!!

That is the neat thing about this graver point. It is not round point but oval point. It is a cheap-and-dirty way to simulate a ongellete graver.

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