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Default How to Scrimshaw with an AirGraver - by Ray Cover

Ray has been working on another good on-demand tutorial: and has it completed.

How to Scrimshaw with an AirGraver - by Ray Cover
This tutorial covers doing scrimshaw with a power tool. Power tools make the work easier and faster for carpenters, mechanics, artist, etc. This is no different. Using your AirGraver as a power tool greatly speeds up the scrimshaw process. There are two projects in this tutorial that cover both line scrim and dot/stippling scrim. Ray covers both tools and process. The tools are very simple and there are only a few that you need.

How to Scrimshaw with an Airgraver
3387 words, 45 images
Price $20
Purchase by selecting the tutorial here
After purchase you will be able to see the tutorial at this link.
Ray Cover's How to Scrimshaw with an AirGraver

Sample images:

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