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Default Re: Ray Cover's School of Engraving

Originally Posted by ChrisB View Post
After our April allection, THAT IS THE WAY WE DO IT IN AFRICA., You Loose You Incariate
The OPPOSITION. ALLA Zimbabwe !!!
Hi Chris.. Oh no..

Originally Posted by Ray Cover View Post
Wow, you guys are going to make my head swell

We do have a good time in class. I am extremely glad you guys are happy with your experience here.

below I have a pic with Dave's plate with the frog Issac mentioned. These guys busted they're butts that week and we had some time left on Friday so we played with a bit of bulino. I also have pics of the guys working and group pic.

You can't tell it by the group pic but we really did have a lot of fun that week. They were wore out int he pic. I worked them pretty hard that week

Thanks Ray for the pictures Looks like a great time!

I heard about Dave's bulino frog from Isaac... Isaac you're right, that is an awesome frog for a very first bulino

Ray is teaching in Festus, MO. There is info about his classes on the site

School of Fine Art Engraving, Ray Cover
Ray Cover Web Site
Festus, MO 63028
Phone: 636-937-5955

Brian Hochstrat will be instructing a Western engraving class at Ray's May 4-8, 2009... visit this thread link for more info

Also Simon Lytton will be at Ray's instructing and English Scroll class June 8-12, 2009 Visit this thread for more info about this...

Also for Motorcycle Engraving Class CJ Allan is instructing at Ray's these dates:
Aug. 3-7................Basic
Aug. 8-10.........Advanced
Sept. 7-11..............Basic
Oct 26-30..............Basic
CJ Allan’s “Motorcycle Engraving Classes
For More Info & Updates:

Steve Lindsay
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