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Default Sharpener length gauge distances

I can’t find the thread now, but some time ago someone requested the various distances and resulting angles for the sharpener. The length gauge that you received with the fixture is 1- long. It will produce a 45 degree face, 16.3 degree high heel. If you instead lock the graver in so it is protruding 1-5/8” it will make a 41 degree face with a 14 degree high heel. Setting the length to 7/8” will produce a 50 degree face with a 19.5 degree high heel. The measurement is from the shoulder on the sharpener. Check where the shipped length gauge measures from. That is the shoulder to measure from. If you’re grinding one of the uniform-parallel heeled gravers be sure to grind the long relief grinds on the bottom of the graver as well as the small heel and the face with the graver sticking out the same length so the heels come out uniform.

1.625" = 41 face, 14.0 high heel
1.250" = 45 face, 16.3 high heel
0.875" = 50 face, 19.5 high heel
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