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Default Re: Introduction and information request

You donít need to struggle so much.. most of it is subjective... having more to do with how you use the tool rather than any particular rules.

That said there are a few things that may help guide you.

The first (smaller) template is mor about creating a clearance for the actual cutting head, as well as providing some rough shaping.. you can polish this or leave it as course as you like, it will not effect your final cutting edge.. if you spend a lot of time on this one you will end up with a much smaller cutting end. How small of a cutting end you want is up to you. The small cutting tip may improve your visibility around your work.. it actually doesnít change how small you can cut.. as long as it has the same geometry the largest graver tip will cut as fine as your finest. Leaving a tool tip big will add to its versatility in terms of being able to cut bigger and deeper lines, as well as for using it to sculpt.. it sounds like i am suggesting that you should just have big tips. I am not , you will find what is comfortable to you.

The main thing to bear in mind as you sharpen is keeping the facets even. I often count the strokes that i do on each facet, and sneak up on a tip that way.]

The large template are for your cutting face and heal .. if you need the terminology the face is the triangular (depending on the geometry you are using) portion that drives into the metal, the heel are the two facets that are on the base of the cutting tip. The face you just grind unti you reach the tip.. then you walk through your grits until you are shiny... you will want to get up to a 600 grit at least.
The heal is the pointy side of the template and you want to yes your 2000 grit diamond here.. just one quick swipe for each heal... your graver should travel about 12mm on the stone.. you may wat more.. but the best is just the barest glint for the facet of your heel.
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