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Greetings to this beautiful and inspiring community,
My name is Daniel, and this is my first participation in this forum.
I am from Lisbon and I come from a tattoo background, Iíve been doing it since 2012 but been close to art in general all of my life.
Itís been some years since I participated in a forum so letís see if I can still do this
I just acquired a classic engraving set after many many years of lust over these amazing tools. Finally I had the opportunity to get one and here I am-
I have already played with the universal point a bit, but I think Iím struggling now with understanding how to sharpen the other points (is this how they are called? Is it gravers?i suck at labelling and naming things that are not in my language. Iím sorry)
I have searched here, and I canít seem to find a guide that just tells me how to do it. Mainly my difficulty is with how much to grind on each face of the template. How far? And how does this reflect on the cut that this point does on the metal? Iíve read about angles and measurements, is there a guide ?
I bet you get these questions everyday, itís my first one so bear with me ! I hope Iíll be contributing soon
Thank you all and stay sabe everyone

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