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Default Re: Sharpener length gauge distances

Originally Posted by Ralph René View Post
Hi everybody,
for all goldsmiths out there practicing inside ring engravings I just want to share what I found out.
For all new engravers like me it’s very frustrating inside rings without perfect graver control. Cuved surface, limited clearance and very small script letters often ending up in heeldrag. Gravers sharpened with the 22.2 mm length gauge gave me a completely different feeling compared to the normal ones. I immediately got a much better result, nice small letters without any heeldrag. If you are a beginner like me, you definitely should try it with a length gauge of 22.2 mm. It helped me A LOT!
Hi Ralph! Good good! For us inch people 22.2mm is .875" (7/8"). You must then be at around a 50 face and 20 high heel.

0.875" = 50 face, 19.5 high heel
Steve Lindsay
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