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Default Re: background removing

It is a worn carbide bur that I'm regrinding. Hold it against a diamond bench stone while it is spinning to grind to point. Then put your finger on the point so it can't spin and grind random facets on it. You'll see during the video I stop several times and ground another flat. Once at around frame 3:37 For that area it was a little small and not cutting very fast. I'm just reaching to the bench while holding it from spinning and grind another flat on it. It is on a 2000 diamond bench stone. You can adjust the size of it this way too. When too fat for the area grind it while it is spinning again. After placing a flat on see how it is cutting and if not well, put another on until it does and is the size needed.

Also at around 0:47 I reached over and ground another facet.
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