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Default Re: Sharpener length gauge distances

Originally Posted by Ralph René View Post
Hi Steve, since you opened my eyes of using a much shorter heel, problems with heeldrag became much less.
But for example heavy cuts of small curves which are tapered on a short way to both ends still causing heeldrag from time to time. Maybe it’s my personal and wrong way of holding the airgraver?! When I try to come out of the metal ( heel really is short) I often scratch the outer edge.
Could 0.875" = 50 face, 19.5 high heel be a better angle for me or could I try something different?
With the naked eye it’s all nice, but with magnification it’s not yet perfect Best regards
Ralph Rene
Hi Ralph,

Yes, steep face and wide V will be a stronger point. Also dubbing the point. Dubbing is described clear at the bottom of this page:

Also Bulldozering the two cutting edges. Similar to dubbing but instead of the point you do it to the two cutting edges.

I have another 116 degree template that has a 50 degree face. Also thanks to Rick Simmons and Wes Griffin there is another set that is steeper yet. They are at the top of this page link: "Friction"
Steve Lindsay
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