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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

One thing that is a pain in most or a lot of forums is finding your answer in 300+ posts. Some things click for people phrased one way and others click when the same thing is phrased another way. Don't get me wrong on this one because it's kind, polite and the right thing to show gratitude but man I hate having to dig between all the Thank you's for Making these points, and creating these gravers and we appreciate it. But man if it's not regulated and organized from the beginning we end up with 301 posts about heels.... 😂 Go figure. Same Info, gone over again and again and also while adding more to go thru... Endless cycle. But that is a community forum. It's a lot of work to run these. And now I realized I just did the same thing by adding another pointless post in a thread about heels which lends no help to the poster. Ugh....just gotta put in the time and read read read I guess.
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