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Default Re: Video: Bright-cut engraving & lettering a gold flute

Thanks guys.. Here is a link to the video on youtube for those that it isn't displaying in the first post:

The Boston block letters are with the 116 degree universal. The larger script is the 123 degree Calligraphy.
At the ends of the block letter I'm just stabbing in a flat without a heel first. Then come back with the 116 and connect the stabs.

From 1994 to 2007 I engraved logos for various flute companies in the New England area. When the tools became busy I recommended Brian Marshall for the Nagahara account, and for Brannens flutes Andy Shinosky and Tim Adlam since Brannens produces more than Nagahara. Andy has been keeping up with all of Brannens the past few years though.
Steve Lindsay
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