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Default Re: Mike Dubber "Speitzer" Graver Point Template set

Hi Peter, I missed your post earlier. Here is what Mike mentioned about the heel:
Originally Posted by MikeDubber View Post
The Speitzer does cut very straight -with or without a heel. But you need an adequate heel to clear the edges of the cut and to prevent furrowing when rounding curves. Naturally, no heel at all will cause major furrows, so you should start by forming the proper heel....and as explanied by Redgreen, that's a process of personal experimentation.

No two engravers work exactly the same and there are numerous personal variations that might be causing your problem...and one of those might be because you are simply cutting way too deep and over-working the graver??? The dynamics of the geometry and graver point design is only half of the formula - the other half has more to do with individual skill and experience.

When I have students in my studio I have them cut as lightly as they can at first to begin to feel and understand how the graver cuts - then gradually deepen the cuts until they become comfortable and the cuts are clean. When you start seeing furrows in the curves, it's usually a matter of overpowering the graver.
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