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Default Re: Ray Cover templates sharpening tutorial

Last we have the bulino template. This template actually makes both a dot bulino graver and a line cutting bulino graver.

We will do the line cutting bulino graver first. This is a graver that makes a "V" shaped cut and has a 70 degree belly.
First grind and polish the face using the long side of the template as shown above. Then use the small taper template to taper the graver to the size you want it. I usually make my bulino gravers tiny on the face because I am cutting tiny line with them.

The next thing we need to do is regrind the belly to 70 degrees. We do this one side at at a time. Above you can see one side being ground. I usually grind this back about 1/8 of an inch or about 3mm. once ground I usually polish on a very fine grit lap or ceramic stone.

In the above pic the second side of the belly is being reground. These reground bellies look like giant heels but they are not heels. they are actually a new angle being reground on the belly. In this case being ground from 90 degrees down to 70 degrees. Once the new belly is reground and polished it is ready to use.

Below we start the dot cutting bulino graver.

The first thing you do to make a dot cutting bulino graver is to grind the face in the same manner as the face fo the line cutting bulino graver was done. This is shown at the top of this post section. The belly is reground on the dot graver the same way as the line graver with one exception.

The line cutting graver is ground at the standard 1/2 inch stone height. The dot graver is reground at 3/4" stone height. All you have to do is get a 1/4 inch spacer and drop it under your diamond stone.

I made a 1/4 thick washer for a spacer on my power hone so I can grind these on my power hone.

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