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Default Re: Ray Cover templates sharpening tutorial

Now we are going to do the background flat. Below is a pic of what that should look like.

In the pic above is the basically what your background flat should look like. It has a 55 degree face and a 30 degree heel. The pic on the left shows the face side of the graver and the pic on the right shows the heel.In a discussion some time ago on one of the forums we were discussing this type of graver and Marcus Hunt said this type of graver, in England, is referred to as a "Scorper"

I want to point out that this has a 30 degree heel. To use this you are going to have to hold it at a much higher angle. When people are having trouble making this graver cut is usually because they are not holding it a a high enough angle and they are just skating around on the back of the heel without even engaging the cutting edge.

Also notice that this graver is a flat made on one corner of the graver blank. it is not made on a flat side of the graver blank. The high angle of the heel and being made on the corner are what give this graver a lot of clearance while relieving background. By making it on an edge you life the bottom edges of the graver getting them out of the way while you cut. This also makes the heel triangular rather than rectangular which also gives more clearance.

Again the first facet I usually grind is the face. Use the long side of the template to do this (Shown above). Once the face is ground and polished I will taper to the desired width using the small taper template and then put on the heel. I usually have three or four widths of these and switch back and fourth as needed when I am cutting background out. They will vary in width from about a third of a mm on the small to about a mm on the largest.

Above you can see the short side of the template being used to put on the heel. Again, keep the heel short. If you look at the pic of the graver that heel doesn't go much past the side corners of the graver. You can get away with taking them back a little farther than I did on the one pictured but not much farther.
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