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Default Re: Questions about Artisan or Classic

The choice between the Artisan and the Classic can be a difficult one. What you decide to engrave makes it a little easier. Fine bulino and jewelry work the best choice would be the Classic. I personally use the Artisan as the majority of my work is firearms. Using the lightweight and tungsten pistons give both light cutting and background removal more versatility. I have used all of the GRS tools and there is no comparison to the Lindsay tools. The maintenance of Lindsay tools is very simple (no motherboard to replace if needed) in over eight years of use I have not experienced a failure, and if a problem arises Steve is a phone call away. I use hand tools for soft metal sculpting, I can see the Classic advantage over the Artisan in this situation. I generally use 40#psi
from a compressor that I bought from harbor freight years ago with a 125# tank reserve and doesn't switch on and off every twenty or thirty minutes. The Lindsay sharpening system has been a godsend, When I start a project I pre-sharpen 6 or eight tools and use the Lindsay carbalt blanks. The new turntable an stand offered by Steve
would be a priority at startup. Remember as time goes on you can always upgrade to a Classic or Nitro. You can't find a better system than Steve's setup._JR
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