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Default Re: Anyone with Palmcontrol airgraver in Notts/Derby UK?

Originally Posted by Annie A View Post
Hi SE,

Thanks for replying : - ) I'll have a look at that compressor - thanks.

I've attached a couple of pictures of my work. I hope they show up okay.

I make enchanting scenes and use a small screwdriver as a punch for the line work and various punches for the other textures. I basically want to add more and better detail.

I've watched a load of youtube videos and I'm pretty sure with some practise, the palm control would be perfect. Love any opinions too : - )
Good Afternoon Annie,
Very nice.Thats good creative work there everyone is different in the type of work they do.Thank you for the photographs .I can see your work can benefit with the p / c airgraver as you can cut more detail and fine designs on your work.
Keep us posted.
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