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Default Re: Lindsay PalmControl and the GRS Airtact Palm touch

I had used the grs system for quite a few years I can remember seeing an add in a magizine mayby 15 or more years ago so i bought one well it was a great advantages over the hand push and the hamer method and i was very well satisfied at the time. you must remember don and his brother i n put this together and it was a big breakthru at the time it brought many more engravers in to the trade so we must stop for a minute and think that at the timed this was a breakthru. ocourse i can see that the lindsay palm is a
advanced and has taken the place of the grs but thats progress and we take those things into consideration. I have not doubt that the palm that lindsay is very much better machine with its very special control. at the same time I must be thankful for don glaser for all the effort that he put into his machine
the same scen might be applied to henry ford his was the first . sincerly john88
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