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Default Re: New Lindsay Engraver in Bonnie Scotland

Originally Posted by JayBee View Post
Hi Maria,
I have just joined the forum to look for folks in the UK using the Airgraver, and found you

I am thinking about buying the classic Palm control graver, and all the necessary bits and wonder if you could give me a heads up on the import duty?
I know there will be VAT, sometimes there is another duty on top and I would like to know how much to expect if that is indeed the case.

It sounds like you just bought the hand piece which is not that heavy, I am thinking of buying the vise and compressor too which might sound daft but figure I will end up with all the right gear that way and only have to factor in the voltage on the compressor.

All any advise would be most welcome
Hi Jaybee
If you go for the classic either pc or foot control set and a vice you you wont need much to start except a few assorted blanks and 5-7 sets of templates from Steve L.
And you get the best and fastest customer care I can assure you.
Welcome to The engraving Forum !
All the Best
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