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Default Re: Introduction and information request

The wrench is quiet hard i guess. Do you have copper plates? You can order them at art stores. Copper is more on the soft side. At best you start practice just straight lines to get a feeling for the graver. I bet most engravers starting this way. If you can cut consistent straight lines you can start practice engraving circles over and over again. Graver control is essential. It wont make sense to start engraving leafes and ornaments without a developed feeling how to handle the graver.

If you get it with time and your lines are even on both sides you may start to lean the graver to the sides while cutting. A lines does not need to be equal on both sides of the cut. Engravers using this artistical when cutting leafes or letters. IF you later know what you are doing you can practice this aswell.

Belief me, start simple with straight lines. And try to get copper plates or mild steel. I think Steve sells practice plates. Also GRS offers some steel plates that are nice to cut. Dont get me wrong, i will encourage you to stay at the bench. But dont make the third step before you made the first one. Start simple, otherwise you may get frustrated and loose the fun.

Regarding the engraver, at least i know who made the side plates of the gun. It is Olaf Weiß from the Merkel company in germany.
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