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Default Re: Introduction and information request

Originally Posted by papart1 View Post
With your tattoo background the difference is your canvas is Hard and unforgiving to an extent. Your artistic education is beyond reproach and easily going to be translated to engraving. Don't forget when you get a block (vise) to keep your turning hand below the engraving hand. WELCOME SIR
Greetings Papart1,
That sure is, from what Iíve been experiencing there are some similarities, I find myself sometimes holding the graver involuntarily like I do the machine... I tried stippling a background and I couldnít help hold it like a machine.
Thank you so much for the input!

I finally came to publish some pictures of the pieces of metal Iíve been scratching. I stated playing on the wrench and couldnít hold myself so I started engraving an old air gun I assembled.
I notice that sometimes I angle the graver more to one side which causes the cut not to be perfect where there is an equal margin on both sides of the center (if this makes sense). Any tips on how to improve this, or should I just focus on keeping it straight?

Another thing that Iím trying to figure out is how to get a thinner cut, or a shallower one. Is this a matter of pressure or is it something that I can adjust when shaping the graver? Any tips on what angle graver for etch like shading? Iím trying to have a thinner thickness for small details. Iím sorry about the lack of specific vocabulary, not only is it a different language from my native one but also a different craft with words and terms I wouldnít use in any other situation.

So Iím putting my attempts at engraving bellow followed by a couple of hunting rifles from a family member , that made realize how far I am from even looking like something acceptable! I love the feeling of building a skill though

The rifles. Does anybody know the artists?

These dogs have an amazing cross etching shading, super fine and not very deep, got lost in the photo upload.

Have a good time everyone!
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