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Default Re: NEW Gold Inlay and Undercut, Template Set

Hi Les,

Thank-you for the reply. Sometimes I wonder if maybe I've put too much time into what goes on under the surface when it's the surface that counts. Over-engineering is something we're all guilty of at one point or another I think.

My technique is similar except for the round chisels vs. the flats that I use. Flats are ok in most cases but it is the indirect loss of time that seems out of control as resharpening between inlays can become quite frequent. Stoning down the raised edges when using the displacement method of undercutting is another time loss that should be avoided when possible.

Some of my flats are made from knife gravers and are very thin for inlaying filigree wire which I draw to as small as .15mm. The flats are extremely delicate and tend to require a lot of resharpening in anything harder than soft 416 stainless or 19th/early 20th Cent. steel.

The round gravers will certainly provide a more durable cutting tip for this purpose and probably will require no more time to make as re-configuring a knife graver into a flat. One thing is for certain, it's not easy to put a round heel on a chisel free hand and a template like this is a no-brainer.

It all makes logical sense .... many thanks again. As I get closer to the next project I'll give these chisel configurations are try.


P.S. Instead of diamond spray on the stone ... you could always try a little Moet and make a champagne spietzer.

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