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Default Re: Gold Inlay and Undercut, Template Set

The process of developing these gravers has taken considerable time and effort. Thanks to Les Schowe for all the work that went into the development of the Gold Inlay and Undercut Template Set. Thanks to Steve Lindsay as well for producing numerous experimental templates during the process of making a set of inlay gravers that work!

The attached photos show a Colt Diamondback that I competed all of the gold inlay using Les Schowe's new gravers made with these templates. I sent the gun off for bluing this week, but I wanted to post these current with the announcement even before the gun is blued and reassembled. All the gold borders,as well as the barrel lettering and Rampant Colt were inlaid exclusively with the first set of Gold Inlay and Undercut Gravers Les and Steve produced. The work was competed as described in Les's tutorial.

I estimate that I saved four or five hours of work on this Colt compared to the way I formerly inlaid gold borders. Once again, these gravers work, and they are time savers as well. What was even more surpising to me was that I completed all the inlay on this Diamondback without breaking or resharpening the gravers - that was amazing! If you know anything about engraving the Colt Snake Guns, you'll appreciate that the cylinders and barrels are rather hard and tend to break gravers more than the frame.

If you are looking for a set of graver templates for gold inlaid borders, try these. Using the Gold Inlay and Undercut Templates will create gravers that work - they will speed the process of inlaying while creating secure inlaid gold and silver borders!
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