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Default The Classic for channel and pave setting?

Hi all,
my job is diamond setting.
After all the research that i have donne on the internet.I think i will go for the classic.But before that I got some minor questions left to be cleared in my head.

*Do i need the tungestan piston for setting pave and channel.I mainly set on 18karat gold.
*doese the Dualregulator have knobs on it to controle the speed and trotle,can I use normal oxygen tank regulators instead of the Dual Regulators offerd by Steve.(my budget is limited,i am trying to find a way around).

I live in the middle east once i purchase the product it will be difficult for me to return it back.and it will be easeyer to pass the product through the customs if it doese not have regulators.

any suggestions will be greatly appriciated.

sorry for any typing mistakes english is my second language.

Best Regards
Mike Maksoudian
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