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Default Re: Questions about Artisan or Classic

How long a tank or co2 cylinder will last is of coarse relative to how much throttle (depth of cuts) you are giving it. To get your 20 gallon tank to last as long as possible check all the connections that there are no leaks between the AirGraver regulator and the tank. Squirting some windex on the connections works well to check. The connection will make bubbles if leaking.

The foot control setup uses more volume than the PalmControl. Below is a pic of the foot control setup with co2. This co2 setup is $329 (you supply the co2 paintball cylinders). This only works with 20oz paintball cylinders though. If you'd like to use a larger cylinder you would need to find a co2 regulator that fits your tank. The air compressor regulator dual regulators with foot control is $249. If you'd like both you could use the same pedal and I can supply some white disconnects on the end of the foot pedal lines so you can move it between setups. If going with one pedal for both air and co2 regulators it would be $100 less, since the pedals are $100.

Steve Lindsay
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