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Default Questions about Artisan or Classic

I have searched a ton, on this site and another site. I keep hearing everyone say if I can afford the classic to go with it over the Artisan. Seems reasonable to suggest the more epensive rig is better I guess. What I have found is the few that talk about how they adjust the classic, that I have found, say they run it at about 3 levels (short,mid and long stroke). I have also ran acoss a few guys that have both and use the Artisan to do most of their work and use the Classic for fine shading only. All of this makes me wonder if the Artisan is more forgiving or simply easier to get the same results for basic work than the classic or if the added fixed ratio of adjustability in the classic isn't fixed at a ratio some engravers like. Just trying to understand why if someone had both they would rather use the Artisan for most of their work.
It's not really about the 400.00 difference as much as getting the one that I like the best really. I have heard several folks talk about the expense of all the collets they have bought for other systems so that price would I guess have to be considered in the Artisan. The way I understand it the Classic holds the graver in place by either a set screw or an oring. How does the oring keep it from just turning without a flat spot on the graver touching a set screw? Does having a collet, as opposed to not, help with heavier work due to increased mass? Along that same line would a stainless handle help with heavy work by having less give? I assume the stainless handle will work for the Artisan?
What does a person really give up on the heavy side between the two? When I compare to the GRS systems, correct me if Im worng but none of them have an adjustable stroke like the Classic does. The GRS only has adjustable impact speed (the length of stroke stays the same). If I understand that correctly the Aritsan is a closer comparison to their set up? As far as power level does the Artisan with heavy piston have the same, less or more power than a 901 handpiece?
I don't feel like these questions have been directly answered on either forum and may be helpful for anyone looking at both systems.
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