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Back in the U.S.A.
I am not sure if it was the jolt of the jets wheels hitting the tarmac, the roar of the twin Rolls Royce engines or the screaming of the kid behind me that brought me out of my whiskey induced coma.
I sat in my seat, eyes closed as the headache hit me, and the taste of acid burned my pallet, while the jet taxied to the arrival gate.
I opened my blood shot eyes and waited, while the other passengers rushed to disembark; cell phones glued to one ear as they called loved ones and friends to tell them that they were safe. I heard the voice of the stewardess saying,
“We are here Sir, and how do you feel today?’’ I looked up into her face and groaned, “I drank all four of those little bottles didn’t I?” ‘’You did Sir, and you snored quite loudly. Welcome to Las Angeles.”
As I tried putting my boots back on, I blew her a kiss and said, “And you dear are funny, do you have any gum or mints?” She handed me a stick of gum and said, “Make sure you take all of your belongings with you when you find the strength to get up and leave. Have a breathtaking day, and thank you for flying with us.” It was a good thing she did, as I would have forgotten my presents.
After disembarking, my first stop was the closest water fountain, where I tried to rinse out the cotton in my mouth, then to the urinal and then the washbasin. Feeling as though I was going to live, I stood in front of the mirror, where I saw a man who looked like hell; I swore to myself that I would never, ever, again drink blended whiskey.
Recovered enough to make it to the first Star Bucks, I ordered a latte to settle my stomach, a double espresso to help my headache and a rye muffin to keep them down. With my vision cleared and feeling slightly better I found the stamina to make it down to baggage claim to find my valise.
I normally would have taken a cab out to the Hollywood Casino, but at the moment I had no desire to sit down at card games; instead I took the train over to domestic departures.
Flights to Las Vegas depart every hour. I took the first one out, and was turning the key to my penthouse door two hours later. Inside, I stripped down to my shorts took four Excedrin and crawled into my bed and instantly fell into sweet, black oblivion.
It was broad daylight when I finally opened my eyes. The hangover was gone and I knew that I would live to see another day, provided that I found some food and espresso very soon.
While the coffee brewed, I fried four eggs and thawed out a couple of English muffins, then turned on the computer to check my mail while I ate.
That is the moment when I knew exactly how empty my life really was. I had been gone for ten days and my inbox was empty. I checked the answering machine for messages; not even one call.
Ten years at the Casino poker tables had bought many one-night stands, a nice penthouse, and a bank account with a two million, eight hundred thousand dollars in it and not one person but my Mom who really cared a damn. I had three friends: one who was now broke and living on the streets somewhere, the second, the owner of a hooker bar, who I really liked but honestly did not know, and my engraving friend who was now happily married, with two kids and had no time for small talk.
I shut down the computer, finished the coffee and washed my one plate, had a hot shower, dressed, rode the elevator down to the street, leaving the emptiness of my life behind as I stepped out into the flash and glitter of The Boulevard and Las Vegas.
Living in downtown Vegas makes my gambling life easy. Everything I need I can walk or take a cab to. Wanting to think and shake this new found depression, I walked the four mile strip past The Aladdin, Bally´s, The Flamingo, Mirage, Bellagio, Caesars Palace, Circus Circus, The Eldorado Club, Excalibur, and Binion´s Horse Shoe, where the world series of poker is held and I spend part of my time. Then continued on past the Mandalay Bay, the MGM Grand, to the Paris Las Vegas Hotel where I turned onto Blue Diamond road where Al´s Bar is located.
The walk and fresh air had chased away my doldrums, and the welcome grin the Al gave me cheered me up, “Welcome back Joe. Have you come to pay me the lonely heart consultation money you owe me? Or did you go broke spending it on those new boots and perfume?”
I dug out my wallet and found a C note and gave it to him as I took a seat.
“What about it Joe, Did you make a killing at the casinos in Europe?”
I don’t like to talk about my winnings or losses playing cards, so I said,” I did OK, made enough to pay your extortionist fee, buy these boots, the earrings and the perfume,”
Bob ´s luck returns
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