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Default Brand new to engraving


I'm brand new to engraving; still haven't begun. I am still getting what I need just to begin, and my knowledge is limited to a few hours worth of youtube videos, some limited reading online, and most recently some tips and some tooling I got from a very nice fellow named Archie Taylor.

My interests:
Hand push and hammer type engraving (airgraver will have to come later)
for Lettering, Scroll, Leaf, Filigree, and jewelry embellishment type engraving.

The tooling I'm working on getting:
Graver sharpening tooling (stones and hones, jigs, etc)
A good ball vise and various jaws
Lock-down medium (ThermaLoc, pitch, whatever)
Transfer materials (Chinese White(?), acetate, lamp black, etc)

What I have:
A simple ball vise on loan just to get started
Some sharpened gravers and blanks
Some handles for hand push, and holder for hammer engraving
Plenty of practice material
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