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Default Re: Airgraver foot controller do I need it ?

Hi Noud,

What I know about you is that you are a born goldsmith, maybe a bit reserved if not a bit shy.
Great tutor and friend and whenn you used the PC airgraver for the first time I saw your grin evolving from just a little grin to a complete ear to ear one within seconds.
It was only that I saw your wife's expression that I knew this was not an everyday sight.
She even comented on your grin as "whell, that's something you don't see often" or something similar.

If you want to try it again, let me know. Might just let you play with it for a week or two!
Help remember to take a picture this time you hook it up after almost a year. The grin should be back in no time.

Oh, thanks for the ball bearing again! It made a nice turntable.

Call you soon,

The best things in life are still made by hand.
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