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Originally Posted by charles starks
puffer , i think any time period would work .. you have any loaded up so as to post here ?

the answer jbullard1, i dont know of a story but many of the gun engravings depict different acts , IE hunting with dogs , water fowl hunting. animals and such .
you also see alot of this in today’s works .

Now as far as engraving goes itself , we have to remember that books , newspapers , and a lot of the artworks were done from engravings and then stamped so as stories , I would say yes , many of these type engravings do tell stories , or depictions.
i believe this is also why they are stilled called engravings and not paintings or drawings .
here is one you might enjoy

The Boucher engraving depicts a French pastorale scence from the 18th century.

Chas. I will have to do some "file" searching.

BUT this is a GREAT thought. I would think that it would be prevalent in "presentation" guns, esp. military ( it is very so on presentation swords)

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