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Default Re: On-line old engraving books

One nice feature on Google Books is being able to download the and store the pdf's yourself. If PS_Bond is correct about the non-US browsers, then perhaps getting a US friend to dl and send you the pdf's would be an effective work-around. Mind you, its up to you and your friend to find out the applicable laws pertaining to this transaction Just a thought.

As Steve has somewhat shown, when searching for Engraving books, try looking for other semi-related topics. You would be surprised what and where you can find great sources of information.

Another area to search is your local public library network, generally you need an account, but those are easily attained. In my home state, PA, the public network is so massive, I haven't even begun to scratch the surface. I can tell you though, theres a section that has nearly every periodical/magazine from the past 30 years I could think of. Including woodworking and metalworking titles. And all this accessible at home and printable.