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Dr Lenks book is all rifles . as such those are from rifles in his book
. The date for for that one says Thuraine and La Hollandous 1660
Zernike also hit on something that was I think important .
Our architecture changed as buildings were lost to fire and war , they seem to often times been rebuilt without the high levels of sculpting that the old building had .
Maybe if there is an architect amongst us he could better explain. this change.
He is also correct in that the furnishings also went through this . As a boy I remember we had a bath tub with large claws on it . Even our kitchen table had this . My grandmothers porcelain door knobs had printed scroll work . When they broke they got replaced with glass or brass knobs . I don’t know if anyone really thought about it , they just got changed

no navada , i dont but there is a link provided a page or so back where a reprint can be obtained
the name of the book i showed scans from on the first page is : The Flintlock : its origin and development.
BY Torsten Lenk
translated By G.A. Urquhart
edited by J.F Hayward
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