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Originally Posted by Gravy
Do you have any other details on Torstein Link? I notice you spelled the name differently in your posts and I wonder what the correct spelling is. I tried several permutations in Google, but I can't find anything related.
sorry ill have to fix my spelling , its not one of my better points so
the correct spelling would be : Torsten Lenk

Dr , Torsten Link , was born at Varnum in Sweden on August 29 1890 . he died in 1957
He was the derector of the Swedish Royal Armory fro 1944-1957.
He joined the Royal Armory in 1924. The plates I have been posting scans of are from his Doctorial thesis which went to print in 1939.
If you don’t have a translation of this in your weapons history collection , you really should . Its required reading for many of the better period gunsmith classes here in the US
Its Titled
Torsten Lenk
The Flintlock: its origins and development .

Be ready to pay anywhere from 100.oo for a reprint and up to 500 for an original .
I paid if I recall 125 for my copy . About 7 years back

Now DR Lenk did not do these engravings . If you notice at the bottom of the full page plates you will see the name of the original artist .
In his book he has probably 200 different rifles , most either have close up B%W photos of the rifle , fully documented as to makers and timeframe about 25% have full copied of the engraving and casting plates

i went back and corrected the spellings . Sorry about that again its my weak point for sure
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