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Default Re: Angle the graver while cutting and depth of cut

Thanks for the info, it helps me a lot. I am a dentist and am using my Loupes for magnification.. I ordered a microscope but until it arrives my loupes give about 3.5x magnification. I think my problem is exactly as you describe that i am trying to emulate deep cuts because i am watching videos that are using very high power magnification. As a result i am getting “choppy” edges along my cuts, even when i decrease the stroke length.

My burr of metal is so large i cannot see the tip of the graver whatsoever i just watch the metal “lift up” to follow where i am cutting! And i know Steve describes paying attention to the graver tip as he is making a cut and i was wondering how he “sees” the tip when it is buried under metal I find myself using my pointer finger to push the graver down (and use my thumb as a guide) as i am working and my finger gets a bit sore after doing this for an extended time so i am most probably applying too much pressure

I have done a lot of woodcarving in the past and am used to removing a lot of material, i need to adjust my perspective and work more at the surface.

Thanks again for the guidance! Ed
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