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Default Re: The Lindsay, or The GRS

The day I got my Classic model I took it over to a friend with the Gravermax set up to try it with his air compressor as my compressor was still in transit.
The GRS felt choppy and crude and the handle awkward compared to the ultra smooth power of the Classic. My friend with the GRS was impressed too with the smoothness and said if he did engraving instead of just stone setting stone setting he'd get the Lindsay tool. I was a hand pusher for 20 years before that doing jewelry engraving. It was like being in the lawn care business and going from and old motorless push lawnmower to a three blade blade riding mower with air conditioning. There is no way a hand pusher can compete anymore with power engraving. However when I get some 100 year old trophies in my shop to add another date I am still impressed with some of the hand power visible by some of those old masters who only did engraving and hand pushed it all. It takes a lifetime to master that kind of power and control. Now power is no longer an issue, just control. Another jeweler friend who always envied my rare engraving niche bought the Classic after I let him take mine for a spin. Two years later he still can't engrave so there is more to it than just the tool, like the need to acquire hard won drawing skills. Fortunately my wrist is never sore anymore at the end of the day since I got power three years ago.
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