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Default Re: New member saying hello!

Thanks for the compliments steve, im not sure the grade of the stainless steel. I bought a set of 6 cheap stainless steel flasks off amazon (18$ for all shipped) thinking it would be good pieces for practice. But oh man! The HSS gravers did not enjoy it. It helped slightly to fill the flasks with water to eliminate some of the "bouncyness" of the metal. I also today tried the m42 that i ordered from you and it lasted much longer the first time i sharpened it. Once i had to sharpen after about 15 minutes the tip would crack off quickly. I noticed the stainless was much harder towards the edges on all of the flasks. So i assume that was the issue.

I was using a 116 degree parallel point jig and brought the gravers up to 1200 grit with about the same length heel as comes on your presharpened carbalt graver.
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