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Default Auction for Lindsay Classic and private tutoring.

This an auction for a Steve Lindsay Classic system to get you started engraving.

I want to thank everyone who attended this years 13th Annual Engrave In for all the entertainment and edification that we all gave each other.

I want to THANK Steve Lindsay for being the great supporter of this event for so many years. Next year I am promised that certain individuals will drive through Kearney , Nebraska and kidnap him to ensure his attendance at #14. But meanwhile, this year Steve is graciously donating one of his Classic Engraving systems to help cover Engrave-In expenses. Steve is of course, one of the world’s most reknown engravers and now manufauctures the superb engraving tools of the highest magnitude.
I personally think the Lindsay Palm Control is without a doubt the sweetest system of all to make cuts in steel. The Classic is the next in the line-up and is also a great system..

Classic handpiece with Foot control, idle adjust and dual regulators lists for $1369
ALSO: Included with this auction is one day of training from Scott Pilkington. This 8 hour instruction period can be done in person in his studio in Monteagle Tennessee, or can be done hourly via Skype or Facetime.

Basically you are getting a $1800 value and supporting a GREAT event for the engraving community.

End time will be noon next Sunday, July 1rst, 12:00 Central

Bid high, and bid often. below this post.
Scott Pilkington
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